Bringing That Bathroom Into The 21st Century

There are so many new products and design ideas for bathrooms that many families want to remodel their existing baths to take advantage of what is new. The only thing holding them back is the cost and the long period of time it can take to get a new bathroom completed. Now there is a new construction and remodeling model being used by contractors such as Re-Bath Spokane that insure a complete bathroom remodel in days, not months. This is accomplished with careful planning and highly qualified contractors.

Once a family decides they want to remodel one or all of the bathrooms in their home, they contact the bathroom remodeling company by phone or online at The website has customer design tools to use online and they also have a design staff to assist customers. This company can do small to large renovations quickly because they specialize in bathrooms and use the latest products and construction methods. The customer will be asked to choose the extent of the remodeling and the process goes from there.

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The customer will visit the local showroom to walk through full-size bathroom models in many different styles for ideas. Then they will meet with design staff to plan their new bathroom or bathrooms. The designer will ask about the project budget and help the family get the most for that money. The products will be chosen and then one of the installation staff will go to the home to take measurements and look at the details of the bathroom. At this point, the homeowner can look at the samples of what they chose in their home to give final approval. This could be a Bathroom Vanity in Spokane choice only, or a whole new bathroom of products, or anything in-between.

The bathroom designer draws up a design to scale, showing the customer in 3-D renderings what the bathroom will look like. When the bathroom design is approved, the customer gets the final cost estimate, and when everything is OKd, the products are ordered. When everything has arrived, the bathroom installation is scheduled and construction begins. The installers are all licensed, insured professionals so the work will be top-quality. In a few days, the job will be completed and the family will be able to start enjoying the new bathroom. Now it may be time to plan a Kitchen Remodeling Spokane project. Go to the website for information.

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